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Monday, April 23, 2012

Biting myTongue?

Goaler Bulmer, the Hero of Game 3 - 2012!
Palmieri Nr. 44 (assist 2)
Brodeur - Shut out Winner Game 3- 2012
After the truly surprising win 1-0 (shut out for Brodeur) at Oklahoma City Barons' home ice, with a measly 2900 plus fans in the house -
with THE goal by the
HOT LINE (:-) of Bulmer, Almond, Palmieri -
I may have to eat crow,
bite my tongue
or otherwise backtrack humbly! 
Almond (assist 1 in game 3), and Bulmer in action earlier

So here I am.
Backtracking humbly, that is.

Briefly, I was not present, but heard and read about what went down.
2 PP oppos for Aeros with 0 goal,
7 for OKC with 0.
Brodeur shut out OKC by stopping all 31 sog.
While Danis stopped 20 of 21.

Aeros did a magnificent job in penalty kills of a 5 on 3, and almost immediately after another.
Now they guys face OKC again at their home tomorrow Tuesday and I am otherwise occupied.

Who said Hockey is predictable?
Last year's winners washed out.
In AHL and NHL.
And so the fight continues.
May the team with the biggest luck win this year!
At least we all can watch more Hockey.
BTW lots of ex-Aeros are doing good things elsewhere, alas.
Sightings of Kolanos, Wellman, Pouliot, Khudobin, etc.

BTW should your summer blahs get too strong, there is always table hockey, which seems to be making a huge come back with young, old  players of both sexes.
And there are the 'beer leaguers' playing for fun and beer through the summer everywhere.
One CAN get to watch or play hockey year round, sunshine or not!

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Anonymous said...

ExAeros Joel Ward's winning goal for the Caps!