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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The No See Um

win at the TC.
Once again the Aeros disappoint their, oh, so patient, fans.
Better Half and I kinda kept an 'eye on the AHL.com', and 'an ear to The Voice'
... but in vain.
After a promising start the Aeros lost again.
Was it due to bad defense, slow offense or worse? Who really can say at this time.

Out of reach, again? by Lolcats
What IS somehow worse, is knowing there are 4 more games here to suffer through, which we will faithfully do.
And report here with photos...I shall try to capture the most amusing situations..win or loose...for your viewing pleasure, LOL.

As I posted before, I pray the season to be over!
The guys have a great golf, or whatever turns them on, summer and a newly constituted team with fresh energetic bods come back in the fall.
And a less prone to injuries - right and left and the middle - WILD will NOT need to call up body after body and so decimate the team here.
Let Aeros and Wild have a long R & R.
Ft Lauderdale Beach by artandhockey
Let us, I do include myself here, fans enjoy a REAL hockey season 2012/13 with a team we justifiably can root for 100%.

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