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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How the - hockey - world turns

Jose Theodore (artandhockey)

After 10 seasons without 'any skates' in the door for the Stanley Cup, the Florida Panthers may do just that.
Depending on the out come of the next game. Not that they are a favorite to actually WIN the Cup. But ...

"Caliente" Rampage (artandhockey)
The same holds true for their affiliate, the again "Caliente" San Antonio Rampage.
That is they, too, may have 'a skate' in the door for the Calder Cup Play offs.

So, where does that leave OUR team?
Not too favorably placed, I say. 5 more games in hand at home and one more on the road. And the players seem tired, and have little 'get up and skate' left, or so it seems.

Texas Hill Country Lavender( inkindleworldpress.com)
Now, if the Rampage, indeed, are in the play offs, Better Half and I are planning to attend a game or more.. we are already planning to be there for the lavender blooming, after all hockey into summer is soooo exciting. And San Antonio is just a hop and skip away.
Lavender a day, hockey a night! :-)!


ICEVET said...

Jacob Markstrom, the Panthers net-minder of the future, has been particularly sharp over the past few weeks and a big reason for their success.

artandhockey said...

And yet, they just lost to Admirals, who will be facing the Aeros. With both teams coming off a win, it ought to be exciting, this evening at the TC!