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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Full Moon over TC

and an alien (?) Aeros win at home 4-2 over the Rivermen.
The sweetest goal yet, that shorthanded one by Almond with McMillan and Montgomery.
Shorthanded Goal by Almond
Not that the one by Rau (Taffe, Di Salvatore), DiSalvatore (Bagnall) and the final icing on the cake - so to speak - by McMillan (Fontaine amd and McIntyre) were anything to snort at, really!
Hackett seemed rather back to his old self, quickly stopping 25 of 27 SOG.
Rau Goal
While lanky Jake Allen, after being wakened by the goal Rau snuck around the corner into the net, stopped 42 of 46 and all that in regulation, no less.
And what can one say more about the bombardment of Allen by the.. yes, the Aeros.
Was it the full  moon? Or Almond whispering sweet somethings into Cheechoo's ear?
Was it the influx of the hot new players like Bulmer, Nr. 18?
Was it the injury to Sean Lorenz, another newbie?
What ever it was, it brought the Aeros again in reach of the play offs.
Ref. Geoff Miller called only one penalty and that one on the Aeros' Medvec, which allowed that sweet shorthanded goal!
Hackett getting a quick nail-skate- job:-)
We let Hackett save that one. stay off his turf, guys!

Victory on 4/7/2012.. whoopee!
The Number 18 jersey which Brett Bulmer wore seemed to be a lucky one. And Palmieri (#44) was a fitting side kick for #18, IMO.
Jobke # 21, was not eye catching tonight, IMO, but Almond, McMillan and DiSalvatore, sure were....
just not quite as hot as Bulmer!
Amen and out!


ICEVET said...

It was a "desperation game" for the Aeros, and they proved that they were up to the task.

Agree that the "shortie" by Almond was the highlight.....only fitting that his brother set up the go-ahead marker.

Go Aeros!!!

artandhockey said...

Brother -Almond's brother..
Just a "Brother-in-skates" :-)!
Very amusing, who is he?

ICEVET said...

Original Source: Voice of the Aeros.....DNA brothers or hockey brothers, who knows...each has been instrumental in winning key games for the Aeros over the past 2seasons.

Go Aeros!