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Saturday, April 21, 2012

IN the twilight zone of AHL hockey

The AHL Season is, almost, over. And is, in essence,  for our home team, I regret to say.
Miracles just do not happen .

Now we look to the battles between the other teams of the West:
Abbotsford and Milwaukie (Krys Kolanos fans can rejoice he did get 2 goals in game one to lead The Heat to a 6-2 win);
San Antonio over Wolves, a 5-2 win in OT;
Toronto barely wins over Rochester 4-3;
 all in Round 1 Game 1.
A bit early to predict the winners among these teams, yet.

Aeros play 1 more game (if they loose), 2 or 3  more (if they win on Sunday) against the Champs OKC on Sunday on their home turf, ahem ice, and it does not portend well,  that Hackett is injured.
And the way he made his painful way off ice into the locker room last night, looked very bad to us in the arena.
Hackett being ministered to by Jody Greeen 4/20/12

Brodeur has done well, all things considered but can he hold up opposite Yanis and against the high scoring OKC Barons in the next game(s)? Not, methinks.
Between the headache started during the bad thunderstorms and other aches that kind of weather causes, I have truly felt as if  'been through the wringer'.

 The bigger and better guy wins!
The display, rather the horrible slaughter, by the visiting OKC Barons of a diminished but gamely battling Aeros surely did not help. I don't say that there were not a few players who gave their all and perhaps, more than their all; and that the coaches did not try hard to coach, but the ups and downs, the injuries, and sadly, lack of real talent showed; and the streak of bad mojo plus a somewhat less than stellar officiating took their tolls.
2011/12 just wasn't an Aeros nor a Wild year!

The last 2 games I have felt more like praying "Let this be done, this painful dragging out of the inevitable". Never has a 'mercy death', seem more appropriate.
Oh, I know, one ought never to give up hope.
BUT - when it's so painfully evident that the last gasps are imminent, why drag it out even more.
The team suffers, the staff suffers, the fans suffer.
Only the "Schadenfreudige" can enjoy such slow, tortured death of a once promising team!

Remember those days in early season before Calamity Jane aka The Wild happened?
Wellman Goal 1
  @Houston Game in October 2011...Aeros 4 - Wolves 1.. in the days of Ortmeyer and Wellman etc.

Wellman Goal 2

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