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Thursday, March 29, 2012

See ... weeds

Like kelp strands, that's what the vitreous sure looked like before the retinal peel.
And I saw them well.
Yes, my dears I was awake during that procedure! And very interesting it was to see the minute pincers wielded by the Doctor to peel off, fold up (origami like) and drag them out, before refilling the eye with saline solution.
There was a minute or so, when I did go out completely, so the injection to immobilize the eye could be done painlessly.
But after that, I was a watching (albeit tied down and wrapped up - mummy like - almost) and commenting on the action seen!
Utterly amazing what microsurgery can achieve now.
The whole thing in the OR (lol.. almost typed OT... hahaha... hockey on my mind, eh?) lasted less than 15 minutes!
The prep before took hours!
Afterwards I was released to wreck havoc again, as long as NO water get into the eye.
Only eye drops, as prescribed, are allowed, 2 kinds, 4 times a day, 1 kind once a day for....till the post surgery check-up in 2 weeks.
And no driving, lifting weights over 5 pds and most definitely no showering or shampooing for a few days.
Ah, well one will have to resort to Katzenwaesche (spit and lick wash) perhaps!
Meanwhile the Aeros lost Wednesday, on the road, this time.
And as I hear, in a Shoot Out over Lake Erie at the Toyota Center, as well.

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