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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Aeros do get an honorable goal...

but loose to the overwhelmingly better team of OKC 4-1.

That honor goal came after Better Half and I left in order to take home my blinding headache which had plagued me all afternoon, and teary eyes. And those were not really because of the loosing game, although they could have been.

Goal by Almond and Bulmer. I really like that kid, too bad he wasn't around earlier in the season.
Yes, the guys put out more effort than last night and kept the SOGs at a bit lower number by OKC.

But OKC were just too good, plus smart to avoid some penalty calls, that ought to have been called.  Thanks for the loss to the officials as well as the super play by OKC.

The Aeros, IMO, are done and 'the unfinished business' will have stay just that.

Especially with Hackett injured for sure, tonight!
Even if he claimed last night's 'injury' wasn't one as many who saw it felt it was.

Because I truly cannot see that they can win the next 2 games in OK to come out the winner in this 3 of 5 games first round.
If you, chers readers believe that... then you must an in UPSTAIRS!
Maybe next season with fresh blood and (a word in hockey god's ear) fewer injures all around.
Plus some much needed talent. Both up there AND here.

A few photos to remember the team effort at the TC:

At the start Hackett adjusted skate?

Hacket in obvious pain

Cuma in protective mode before Brodeur

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