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Monday, April 30, 2012

A words

Last night thousands of A words just kept crawling and creeping, caterwauling and crashing,  around my brain with intermittent intensity.
A...as in
Aeros (lol), Auftakt, Aversion, Anfang, Accustaion, Awareness, Ambassy, Art, Artisan, Amigos, Amis, Afghanistan, Argentina,( you don't have to cry..lol), Appendix, Amusant, Ambiente,
Allegory, Abominable, Alegria, Allusion, Assignment, Alienation, Absolution, Ambulance, Abbatoir, Abash, Abbolish, Allegiance, Allocation, America, Amtrak, Ambrosia, Allowance, Affluence, Asteroid, Arse (as they say in the UK), Arrogance, Availabilty, Affection, Absence, Abode, Aborigine, Abhorrend, Abnormal, Anschlag, Absatz, Ansatz, Anzug, Aufgabe, AuRevoir, Amore, Amour, Abscheu, Anspielung, Amsterdam, Abbotsford, Arsch (auf gut Deutsch), Ass, that too - and, and, and..

Au secours, zu Hilfe, SOS
Why this nightmare filled with A and A and A and A... I have no clue.
They just popped up, those A words. And still reverberate and it is hours later.

Just like that ghostly song that I cannot get out of my head..
yes, that  one from La Strada on which I have blogged many a time. Lest you all forget...

So what next will occupy (not Wallstreet) but my mind?
I've had goats on my mind before, now it's As.
Next ?????
Just you wait!
It will come out of the blue, as these things usually do.
Somewhere I  hear a word or see something
and bingo....
 a knightmare - WEEELLL.

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