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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Something New not always Something Good

or is it?
I am having a hard time getting used to the new blogger here.
Especially since downloading photos from my library seems to take forever and some.
Am always hitting wrong buttons and whoosh the post is history... sigh!
But maybe that's just me.
Enough said.

Having lots of fun downloading photos taken on the trip to Florida and remembering those moments. Certain ones are outstanding: Museum of Diving History for one. Claw and foot (right) of the BIG Deep sea rig on the left.

. On the other hand there were some instances of pure delight at the bird rescue sanctuary where pelicans played escorts along the boardwalk and owls sleepily blinked at curious visitors. Who were not put off by the guano smell...

And then there was the sea lavender also an import to the Keys -  not looking very lavender at all :-).
Rather like a desert plant, but then Key West does not get much rain and water has to be piped down from up north. Which was done by the Navy so we were told.

And the 'cement' from the sea still showing the imprints of the sea creatures who once inhabited it!

And on the Aeros front... nothing at home until March 10 through 18.

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