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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grimm Tales

actually Grimm's Fairy Tales.
. Who has not read them. And was scared, or wasn't. 
Anyway, what was perfectly fine to be told to, or read by, kids growing up then, today, most likely falls under 'unsuited' for the sensitive psyche of kids.
Which might have unspeakable influences on the child's development. 
Pish Tosh, I say. Kids know a lot more of sex and horrors, especially today, than some would believe!
And are more resilient, too, than some would hold.

I read, and was read to, all Grimm's Fairy Tales over the years of turning from a babbling baby to an always questioning, surely rather annoying, kid.
Why ? What for? How? When? How come?
Which parents, grand parents and adult friends of the family mostly answered patiently, in detail yet! Yes, without 'glossing over' special areas. One has to grow up, naturally! And ought to do so realistically. Euphemisms were not used for long at my home. Black was black and white was white, and many gray shades are there, too! Accept and go on!

Did the Tales of the Big Bad Wolf,  the Wicked Witch, or the ugly Stepmother  turn me into a raving monster? Of course not!
One accepted the bad with the ugly and the good.
One laughed a bit about the absurd in some Tales.
Shivered when reading about the bad and horrid.
Maybe had a nightmare or two, but such deliciously wicked ones at times.
And enjoyed all good endings. Triumphs of romance!
And, maybe, as growing older at the least realized, if not accepted, the warnings these tales offered. And hopefully taught not to repeat, or at least learn from them.
I say maybe. As a young one, one feels invincible, the 'can't happen to me' idea was alive and well.

And for some it still is.
As is so evident in much some do now or rather not do now.
Take the 'decision by committee' syndrome.
Seems no one wants to take the lead in action.
So we sit in committee after committee days in a row and ...
waste much time to come to the decision that ' subject will be tabled until the next meeting'. Does that sound familiar? Am sure it does.
No one wants to stick their neck out and say: "Let's do it this way".
No, no, no, a new Megatrend is developing.
The one in which NO one is responsible for anything.

Once upon a time, like in a fairy Tale :-),
we (individually and collectively) were masters of our own destinies.
We 'made our beds and lay in them'.
We had freedom to do good, or bad, or nothing at all ;-)!
We had choices. Being endowed, so it was believed, with brains to evaluate the choices!
We succeeded or failed.
Died or lived happily ever after.

Now, a new ideology is popping up.
Blame 'the other' - always.
Actions are not allowed consequences.
Criminals do not become criminals of their own volition.
They are always products of their environment, 
or anything that they were exposed to while growing up.
Grimm's Fairy Tales, for instance, most definitely could be a cause, or watching too much 'decadent TV or movies, right!

So why am I not a criminal?
Why do I dare to write about what I think and what I feel is not OK or P.C.?
We all have (since we are NOT animals) the option to decide.
We ought to have been reared to distinguish between right and wrong (Grimm's Fairy Tales come to mind here, as do Aesop's Fables and other tales of morality).
But it seems to me, anyway, that this idea of using one's own will to decide,
to succeed or fail, to be responsible for one self, and even one's family's behaviour, has become an oldfashioned, even misantropic, idea.
Never my fault.  Always blame the others!

Now, you will understand, chers readers, surely, that for the reasons stated above I'm NOT at all responsible for what I just posted :-)!

And if you don't, it's your own fault :-)!
And if you won't or can't accept it, blame it on the world!
Or pick anyone or anything to blame it on.

Just don't expect that I shall voluntarilty retract what I just posted.
It's really not my fault. ;-)!

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