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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Aeros tie up Hogs...

Fallon and the Aeros defense managed to keep the win going. despite the furious onsaughts onslaughts of the Icehogs in their flaming
red jerseys.
A little fight never hurts- an Astros fan likes what he sees :-)

I really could not believe what I saw in the first period... who were those guys out there on the ice?

a really determined Fontaine ready for anything
I did it .. twice!

rushing, passing, energetic, battling, skating and scoring Aeros!
Was it a reincarnation of Aeros of the past?
What was it? A team whose coherence in play has been absent for so long.
Now that the end is near, the Aeros are giving it their all.
One has to wonder if they can keep it up for the next two games.
Time will tell.
NR. 39 seemingly everywhere IMO

The fight's over lets play hockey guys..
Salak and the missed puck.

Taffe scores...
St. Cuma and the Goalie :-)!
Face Off Tension

And the HOGS battled without let up and did indeed score 2 goals within minutes of the end of regulation,
both goals by Flick, who just flicked it in.
Sad Salak after a goal by Taffe
What more can a fan ask? 3 goals in the first, one ion the second and keeping Flick from flicking in another one. Aeros 4-Hogs 3!

Fallon did rather well.. blocking a shot, plus catching the rebound seemingly out of thin air, not just once.

Following the puck ...

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