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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Night falls on the Wild

The Wild loose at Detroit, and loose two more players to injuries.
Will they call up more players from the Aeros;
and Aeros to call up more bodies from the minors?
A few more games away and then a longish home run for the Aeros.
First up San Antonio tonight. 
artshound photo

More on that later.
Here we are later:
Rampage 2 Aeros 1.
Kuemper in goal faced Markstrom.
The only goal by DiSalvatore in the third.
Rau recalled to Minnesota.
Aeros sign Joe Fallon to PTO .. jersey number 34 as BUG.

Then 2 at Abbotsford, who, BTW, have Kolanos back, we hear.
Not a good sign for the Aeros.
And then 10 at home interspersed with a set of 4 away (incl. Peoria who have  Pat O'Sullivan now) and one more away vs OKC before battling Stars and Rampage at home. End of season, methinks.
Neither Wild nor Aeros will be in the play offs, IMO.

On the home front:
an eye of a pelican (artandhockey)
looking at possible surgeries.
My right eye (another one you say-alas) and Better Half shoulder?So, having no play offs, just means fewer games missed and less stress ;-)! But also less excitement and fun. Hockey is entertaining-win or loss IMO!

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