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Sunday, March 18, 2012

OOOOH, Fallon , you did it again..

That IS the 5th (out of 6) game you have won!
And the fans (yours truly included) are newly enthusiastically hopeful that the team WILL make it to the Play Offs .
As long as the powers that are in the North stop carrying off Aeros players.
But my guess, for what it's worth, the Wild are no longer on the end of a periscope for a Cup run?

What a close game.
McIntyre (the 'Scots' have it again tonight) got an easy goal in the first. Followed by zero the rest of time including OT. Although they shot 'only' 23 at Yann Danis who stopped all but one plus 4 in the SO.
Green of OKC got the evener in the 2. and OKC, too, had zero the rest.  Despite sending a barrage of 37 shots at Fallon.
And then we arrived once again at a shoot out.
OOOOH Fallon

Di Salvatore

Scrimmage behind Yannj Danis

Fredheim: Let me give you a hand up, Anti:-)

OUR Montgomery as a blur in front of OKC benchers

Now I did stop that one, so why haven't posted it yet up there?

 Rau, Yeo (no relation) and Palmieri (newly come down from Yeo's realm (that's the Wild one)
Phillippe Cornet - ready or not!
But with OOOOH, Fallon (more luck of the Irish?) in the net, the Aeros chances of winning at SO have increased dramatically. But I hear rumors that Yeo (the one up North-not the one pictured above- LOL) will re-assign Hackett to Houston... oh, boy, SO's are no longer a sure thing, methinks, chers readers.

and that's no bull...
Now the power play seemed a bit like olden times tonight. They did play "pass the Puck, pretty please"! And so no goal for the Aeros despite 5 oppos.
OKC managed ONE of  3!!!

But a win is a win!!
So smile and enjoy ... as did these fans...........................

And the icing on the cake is that with  this game won the Aeros shot back up into SECOND place (76 points) behind the OKC Barons (with a whopping 87 points) and leading Abbotsford Heat (73 points).
Followed by The Rampage (70 points) and the Texas Stars (methinks, the loss of Gulutzin has been deadly - only 58 points).
Although both Rampage and Stars have 2 games in hand over Aeros.
While  OKC OKC and Heat are one up to the Aeros' 64, at 65 each.

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ICEVET said...

(Oh) Fallon has proven, without a doubt, that he can lead the Aeros to a playoff position, as he continues to improve with each game. His performance in the 3-3 over the weekend was nothing short of SPECTACULAR, as he stopped 96% of the opponents' SOG (94/98) and 85% (11/13) Shootout attempts.

Fans may not know that he had already WON 30 games, this season, with the (ECHL) Las Vegas Wranglers before being called up by the Aeros, when Kuemper went down.

Assuming the Aeros capture a playoff berth (now a conditional 4th seed...at the end of the OKC win), a strong duo of Fallon and Kuemper should help the Aeros get beyond the first round.

Go Aeros!