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Monday, March 19, 2012

The return of Hackett

Per Russo's Rants Matt Hackett was re-assigned to Houston.
Now that WILL call for a BIG YEAH from his enchanted fans;
And an  'oh, boy-will he have an attitude again being demoted? Or what?' from others not so enchanted.
And, sadly, that may crimp Fallon's style, won't it?
Because, as we all know MH is the preferred goalie on direction from up North.
And Kuemper may be back as well.

  Just one more shot of OOOH, FALLON...in his glory below.
So where does that leave Fallon?
Hung out to dry, after his spectacular 5 in 6 wins recently?
One thing is pretty sure, it's going to be:
Good Bye Mike Keetley. 
Here he is above during warm up.. as a bonus you see Broda, who scored the SO game winner...
Also Nick Palmieri is back up North-don't think I will miss him much! 
Will you?

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