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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Count Down to South Texas .. Hockey

Better Half and I are heading South for some Hockey at the, admittedly, lower level.
First up the 'kindergarden  league's' (NAHL) Ice Rays at Corpus, then over to the  Killer Bees (Aeros fans may recall several temporary Aeros from that league - most recently Aaron Lee, a Killer Bee) :-).
With a stop at the 'famous or infamous' King Ranch (depends on one's outlook) and at an art museum, just so the culture vulture in us need not be cut short.
Then it's to the Ranch and San Antonio for some lolling in pool or jacuzzi,
lazying in the Lazy river feature (lol) prior to eye surgery.
In case that becomes a bit blah... a stop at the SAMA may be included.
And definitely a stop at the Croc shop for more crocs on the way back.
For updates come visit.

Meanwhile tonight, Il Trovatore at The OH! (Emerald Cast) was overwhelming.
Even after I had just watched The Met's Il Trovatore on Ch 8/2 Wednesday night.
Here is Leontyne Price as Leonora with Di Tale amor, which tonight was sung beautifully and bewitchingly by Soprano Michelle Johnson, a perhaps a successor to Price?
Tenor Dominick Rodriguez was a strong Manrico and did the high notes of Di Quella Pira true justice. 
Adam Meza (already appearing in the Ruby Cast), was a strong voiced Einspringer as Conte Di Luna, for the earlier scheduled Bariton Andrew Cunmmings (who had to leave due to a family emergency).
Mezzo Sarah Heltzel as Acuzena was equally bewitching as raving Gypsy witch. 
Here Elena Obraztova as Azucena with the famous Stride La Vampa.
I am not going to discuss the convoluted plot, suffice it to say that the 2 lovers die - Leonora takes poison, and Manrico is executed by order of Di Luna, who in turn ends as desperate fratricide, (Manrico being his little brother after all) while Acuzena avenged the death of her mother slain by Di Luna's father.
All this to rousing and stirring music by Verdi, more than ably conducted by Maestro/Artistic Director, Carreon Robledo.
Since the last 3 performance are almost 100% sold out, I am not urging chers readers to go see it. You may not be able to buy tickets, unless someone turns theirs in for rea-sale. Leaving you with a Di Quella Pira by one of opera's best known Verdi tenors:

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