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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nr. 2; Habs did not have it

From the "Florida Hockey Hall of Fame" at the Bankatlantic Center
all photos in the latest blogs by artandhockey
Stephen Weiss honored for franchise record in games played while his family was at the game, too

Clemmensen in goal, Theodore on bench

P. Budai stops Bergenheim's attack

Habs line: ready, set, go?
Panther pet =mascot and cute friend:-)
Was it the unused warmth of Florida that kept the Habs down ?
Because the arena was filled to the brim, truly over 19,000 fans..
and winter Canadiens and Canadians braving the breezy Sunrise night to cheer on THEIR team en Quebecois.. really a 'foreign' language despite my several years of French, albeit the Parisian kind :-).

Vite Habs
Go Habs..
AND a very handsome Carey Price- remembered from his stint with the Hamilton Bulldogs...
back when! :-)

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