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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hot No More

What else could one call the result of tonight's game?  Aeros 4 Heat 1!!!
He's earned it

Puck stopped, what more could one ask?

The Captain leads by example-playing with body and soul
Aeros 4 Heat - a short handed goal which kept Fallon from a shut out, which IMO he should've had. He did very well, did Fallon! He stopped by mitt, blocker, stick and body!
Almond, the defender- this time

LeTourneau-Leblond a-flying?

Foucault at attention!

JP Testwuide as sandwich filler? He didn't like that?.
And the defense was present as was the offense!
Anyway, Aeros stormed out, two goals PP goals at that right of the bat (ahem stick), and two more in the second. Letourneau-Leblond was also rather present :-), and finally retrieved Heat's honor by scoring a shorthanded goal in the the 3. I did notice the announcer having a bit trouble wrapping his tongue aroudn that name LOL!

A fast fist can subdue the most rambunctious!

The Heat turned it up by starting several fights.
And Bancks really let fly at the referee barely kept leashed by serious Bagnall.

But all was in vain, a energized, fluid, endowed with good passing,  Aeros were simply NOT overcome by the Heat.. Lol!
A good game. Makes one widner why they could not play like that before? Will it make much difference? Maybe. But ....

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