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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sacrificing in vain...

Did I really believe staying away from the game tonight would let the Aeros manage a repeat of last night's incredible winner.  ;-)!
Not so, hungry, or mad as hornets (?) Griffins won by 1 goal. 3-2 . 
OOOPS turned off radio too early. The actual numbers 5-2....in favor of the Griffins. Mea Culpa.
Gloves not withstanding. Maybe the Aeros were so bedazzled by the array of pink gloves around the arena ;-)!
Not fun for fans in attendance who braved the downpours to show their support.
Had I been there the numbers would have been 10240!
So there were 10239 instead watching DiSalvatore with another PP goal.
He seems to be on a real streak of scoring,
but he cannot single handedly bring home the bacon. Defense and offense have to be there as well.
Have all those injuries and call ups discombobulated the team? Perhaps.
Having lost 2 goalies and bringing up ECHL netminders surely will have an effect.
Although I do recall Fallon having some good games while with the Rampage that we saw at the ATT Center.
I do not remember Keetley (26 soon) at all, and yet Better Half says we did see him play during his stint with Quad City Flames a couple years back, and more recently with Abbotsford. A team the Aeros will face on Tuesday 3/13! And hopefully I am able to attend.

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