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Sunday, March 18, 2012

T'was the Night of O' Fallon and McIntyre

Yes, indeed, the Irish and Scots had it, methinks.
After an unbelievably exciting 3 Periods with Zero - yes - 0 - goals,
zero goals also in OT- the game went to a SO which had the crowd of over 6000 on their feet screaming and ringing cowbells, and making any kind of noise conceivable.
Was it St. Patrick who kept his hand over Fallon (sorry I could not resist calling him O'Fallon) and over McIntyre as well, who scored the winner?
Maybe it was all that green:
hats, caps, jerseys, Tee shirts, Beard, HAIR, yes, indeed, hair...that did it.
Well, whatever it was, it sure seemed the luck of the Irish came through for the Aeros tonight and we all just love a winner, don't we.

So where do I start?
Best to just say WOW...
What energy flowing back and forth on the ice, from green to red and red to green. Battling every which way. Ref calling only 4 penalties per team, none turning into a PP goal. penalty kills were even between the two teams, with kudos going to Aeros for holding fast in a 3 on 5 situation early on.
And Fallon was incredibly hot! or ought that to be GREEN? LOL.
Even Kolanos got a bit smashed by aggressive Aeros and he did let the official know it, or so it seems here............
Fallon stopped 32 plus 6.. a shut out Shoot Out!
Danny Taylor wasn't shabby either and was nominated Number 3 Star.
Nr. 2 McIntyre of the winning goal, and
FALLON was Number One Star as he should be, no doubt!
Awesome Fallon Save

Mcmillan up close and  - personal?

Waiting for the SO?

OMG,  the Puck's coming thisa way ;-)!

During Shoot out-all out save

 With a little help by Medved Aliu is stopped

 Almond en garde

Collision Time
 Taylor gets that one, falling flat on his.. tummy:-)!

all photos artandhockey.

1 comment:

ICEVET said...

One of the best competitive games (all things considered) this year at Toyota Center.....AHL Hockey at its best.

The work ethic and skill of Joe Fallon was most impressive. He IS the Aeros ticket to the Playoffs!

Go Aeros!