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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rain on MY parade? In drops and driblets...

How dare it do that?
Well, after reading several posts elsewhere (thethirdintermission for one) it looks like that. IMO - for what my opinion is worth!

The tales of Wild and Aeros can't be getting any grimmer, can't they?
photo: www.physorg.com
2011/2012 just is not a good year for the 2 teams.
Could it be the effects of solar storms?
Or full Moons, while we are at it!
Or Fridays the 13ths?
Or Unlucky Sevens?
Or ???? Just kidding.

Even the best of coaches and the best intentions of players cannot overcome fate when players fall like nine  pins.
Sidney Crosby in a November
If I were a Penguin fan (a really BIG one) I would rejoice at the news of Sidney Crosby's (left) probable return.

I do rejoice that several of OUR Aeros are now skating in the rarefied air of the NHL, albeit with (lately) the low-man-on-the-totem-pole Wild.

I also rejoice that several minor leaguers are getting a chance at shining (one hopes) at the AHL level in the green gray of OUR Aeros.

Aaron Lee. ForwardShortly, Better Half and I will drive South to watch a game by the Ice Rays of Corpus Christi vs Texas Tornadoes (apropos, eh?) of Frisco.
And Killer Bees  of McAllen vs. Laredo Bucks.
(BTW Aaron Lee , a Bee! ;-)
- photo at left - seems to be doing quite well there, even after his short stint in green-gray sweater).

Wild Oak Ranch

And then onward to San Antonio to sit back and relax,
maybe we're lucky to watch some NHL games on TV?

Before I am heading into the operation room at the end of this month!

And tomorrow is another game to enjoy! LIVE!

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