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Saturday, March 10, 2012


How that word sounds depends on my mood.
Mad - it growls schnurrrrrzegal.
Vicious - it hisses schnurzzzzzegal.
Bored - it drawls schnurzegaaaal.
But however, it rolls, trips and whips off my tongue deliciously foreign. SCHNURZEGAL.
And that's it.
That's all there is.
Which is sorta the meaning of it.

And that brings me to tonight's game.
Starting out, I wanted to be oh, so, blase...schnurzegaaaal.
And now I could not go after all.
And I already knew I have to miss the next one, and several more post surgery.
And it turns out it is not really that schnurzegal for me afterall.
Thanks to the Voice of the Aeros.. my only way to 'see' the game!
Fallon as Rampage
Save by Endras on Oct 23.11
So I am posting an old Photo Aeros vs Griffins... a won game at that - LOL
And what a game. The Voice just ababble with excitement 3 - yes, 3 PP goals. 

Color commentary provide laconically by McKenzie, and the AEROS win this one at home in front of over 8,800 (minus yours truly-maybe that will also be a factor tomorrow and they'll win again-just joking a course) 5-1. Fallon doing rather well in goal stopping 29 of 30 SoGs. And that sole goal came in the 3rd. So he'd almost had Shut out, and Di Salvatore lacked only 1 goal to hattrick.

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Anonymous said...

Have to add schnurzegal to my dictionmary. Thank you.