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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sleep came lightly..

and just after 3 hours it is gone.
For good?
So it seems.
Because here I am scribbling away of thoughts swirling,
images buzzing, shapes changing, specters forming and vanishing.

What I did see the last few at home Aeros games has me asking:
Where did these players come from?
What happened to the ones, we loved to complain about?
Was this an invasion of the body snatchers?
Could the guys have been invaded by phantoms from hockey hell (or heaven)?
From hell, because wouldn't it be loverly if all games were played, and won, thus?
And then, alas, aren't.
There are always those that criticize and kibbitz.
So what that this one or that one did not do this or that perfectly.
So what that this move or that one was incomplete.
So what that the line was lacking in this or that.
In the final analysis a game is won. Or lost.
And that's all there is.
And it should be enjoyed!
Just saying.

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