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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wild no more?

Reading between the lines of various bloggers about the Wild, it sure looks like
we should ask WHERE are the Wild (Things  :-)...) ?

And what about the Aeros?
One win does not a Summer make!

Freely adapted from Cervantes: "Una golondrina sola no hace verano"
Sorry, no swallow photo I can lay my hands on. just this minute. A rooster statue from Little Havana must serve - at least IT is colorful!

On the opera front I hear many good things..
Don Carlos (Verdi)  and Maria Stuarda (Donizetti) at HGO are shaping up,
 and so is Il Trovatore (Verdi) at The OH!
Both comapnies going out with a bang-musically that is.
While U of H is offering Der Rosenkavalier (Strauss) as year end 'Zuckerl' =
Ear Candy.
Just to get you all going a few clips from all 4.... enjoy!
Don Carlo: Conducted feelingly by Riccardo Chailly
Maria Stuarda (La Scala Performance-seen 2008 in Shades cinema off HWY 6 here )
Even at this late stage,  Di quella pira...beautifully sung  by Pavarotti
The Ouverture to Der Rosenkavalier brilliantly conducted by my fave
Maestro Carlos Kleiber (r.i.p)

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