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Thursday, June 30, 2011

SO NOW WE DO KNOW w. update on other Aeros

That Darryl Sydor (Left) has followed Yeo into the North to be assistant coach for THE WIILD.
It would have surprised me  - a lot - if that had not happened.
IMO it was a given.
Now the guessing continues regarding the Head coach (3 applicants-previously posted).
but also the two open assistant coach positions.

And as of this moment no applicants known unless Ruskowsky be in the running for one?
Or maybe an older player who hung up his skates recently?
Hrkac anyone?
And now arises the natural question: will the support team, as in Green and Tretiak, follow the trend and move on elsewhere? One other has already gone after just a few months on the team!

And why not?
New management brings with it usually their own well known support staff!
A lot of the players MAY be new, as well, with a few veterans for balance and wisdom sprinkled among them, it is fervently hoped!
JUST IN:  BAGNALL on a 2 yr and
ORTMEYER on one year contracts;re-signed-wayyyy to go.
Now I will get my Nr. 22 signed ;-)!
And I am also sure, that the news will dribble out shortly. As seems to have been the case recently,
ALWAYS while I am not on line :-) AND SO IT DID JUST NOW :-) SO GO here NOW!
So my news are already old news, at least for those who hang on the net all day long!
Aeros fans will have an another interesting season again
"Love your team, have faith and hope for the best :-)!"

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