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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Thoughts on Things that bug.....

Have you never had the experience of head buzzing with ideas but not finding time to jot them down when they first surface?
Waking in the middle of the night with a fully formed (sort of) plot for the next post, then falling back into Morpheus' arms, and waking later with no recollection?
It has happened again recently!

People have asked me what instigates any of the posts?
The most obvious is of course, a personal experience:
such as Hockey Games, Performing and Visual Arts, Books and Travel.
That is easy to explain. It is much fun and really entertaining stuff.

What is less easy to explain are those jolts from unexpexcted sources.
Some of which have spawned a blogpost or more over the years!
Some of which is stuff that bugs me, but in the end is just too personal to post about!
Somethings just need to stay behind closed doors, so to speak.

Other things are too hot to handle.Yes, really
Even in these times of baring it all via Twitter, Facebook and other 'social' sites on the net!
Which just got more baring as per reports on FB's use of face recognition of its members who were not told explicitly about this!  How to undo this read :
And good luck!

Trying not to get too embroiled in
a) religious,
b) political battles, and
c) well just about anything anyone gets called on the carpet for in the 'official' media!
Need I name names or causes? Surely not!
The 'press' is buzzing daily with such trivial or 'other kinds' of pursuits, LOL!

Which IS another thing that bugs me!
That 'holier than thou' attitude struck by the masses spurned on by the chatty - catty media..
Who amongst them is so pure that he/she can cast the first stone, really?

Ah well.
Muckraking sells and muckraking pays!
 Read more in this book...
True or invented.
Making  the proverbial mountains out of molehills!
Nothing new about that, except that modern muck is raked up instantly!

Enough said..

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