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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hockey Gipsys on the move..updates

Now we know that
Brian Wiseman is moving to Ann Arbor, Michigan,

Jean Michel Daoust: on  June 9, 2011, Daoust signed with a European DEL team, the Straubing Tigers  a one-year deal, in Germany.

Brandon Buck is off to Norway to skate for Sparta Warriors of the Norwegian GET-ligaen
Josh Tordjman to Austria to play with EC Red Bull Salzburg in the Austrian Hockey League (EBEL).!

And Jamie Fraser also is moving to Europe as on June 15, 2011, Fraser signed a one-year contract with Slovenian based team, HDD Olimpija Ljubljana, of the Erste Bank Hockey Liga.

While Maxim Noreau, defense was traded to NJ DevilsNew Jersey Devils just TODAY for David MacIntyre, center!..
will he be at the NHL or AHL level which are the Lowell DevilsLowell Devils.svg?
Well, whatever, he is certainly MUCH closer to his home!
The list will be updated as information comes in.

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