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Monday, June 20, 2011

Just some hockey history and an Aeros update

to while away the summer doldrums.


Did you know that hockey fever runs in families?
Really much more than I imagined and for all the details I refer you to this very comprehensive list.

and for more interesting reading (just reserve lots of time for that..it is huge) there is this alphabetically arranged list:

And then there is this
 and of course that

So what brought that on?
Well, reading about the 3 French/Polish brothers Gabriel, Teddy and Stephane Da Costa, who all played and still play hockey. Stephane with the Senators most recently
All three born to a French father and a Polish mother in 1984, 86 and 89,  respectively.

So my curiosity got the better of me and I went web surfing ..
and the first two references quoted above still keep me speechless - LOL.

And here the story about the 2 Staal brothers. And yes, they do get into fights when on opposing teams, in case you wondered. It's all about your team family not your biological family in hockey.

And then I went further:

and fights between brothers PRIMEAU in hockey on opposing teams
Several sets of brothers have been selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, including the Hatcher brothers, Kevin, taken by Washington with the 17th pick in 1984, and Derian (right), selected by the then Minnesota North Stars with the eighth pick in 1990.
AND THE SEDINS who were not able to propel the Canucks to Stanley cup-dom this year, despite the often mentioned 'thought transference without words'- ;-)

And sisters playing hockey as far as I could find:
Monique Lamoureux and  identical twin sister, Jocelyne. 

The Colucci sisters play field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse. Catherine, better known as Cate, or C.C., is a starting midfielder, co-captain and the only field hockey player in Division II last year to earn All-State recognition. Meghan is a starting back and Kiley a starting forward. They are so versatile, however, that coach Ken Dias doesn't hesitate to move them around.

Other Hockey-playing sisters Katharine and Margaret Chute

Menard and Mahon Sisters 

 And 9-year-old twins Julia and Renee Hoffmann play ice hockey together on the same team with boys while also competing against boys.

                                Just some suggested reading/surfing for you hockey starved fans ;-).

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