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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frying Eggs on Hoods. July 2

Hot enough here, but it' s Phoenix, the metropolis of eggs frying on car hoods, or so they tell me.
By now you chers readers know that I do like to joke. Even when areas are burning, others are drowning.

A bit of levity seems to help come to grips with man made or Mother Nature's disasters.
Life does seem to presage the long count Mayan Calendar prediction of an end to this world in 2012, precisely on December 12th at the winter solstice!
Or so the New Agers have us believe!
Of course the end of the world was also predicted for 1999/2000.
And going back in history starting in 45 we find that at least 240 times the End of our World has been predicted ..240 times and counting.
Here is more on it.

And our world is still turning...despite.

On July 2, exactly 445 years ago, the French, astrologer, physician, seer and pharmacist, at times court astrologer and physician to Catherine de Medici at Blois - 16th century Rasputin perhaps - died.
And his prophesies - mis-read, mis-interpreted due to human error or on purpose have survived to dazzle and puzzle mankind to this day. , died.
He grew up and lived in Provence, where he was influenced by his doctor grandfather, a converted Jew. Having studied medicine in Montpellier, he practised in Agen until forced to leave in the face of the Inquisition. He dabbled in the occult, and from 1547 gave astrological consultations (annual Prognostications from 1555).   He had a Paracelsian view of nature, but is best remembered for his prophetic quatrains, the Centuries, published in 1555 and augmented later (1558, 1566).
Michel de Nostredame, born 21 December 1503, prophesied many events -
or so his interpreters and followers claim.
He still has his adherents who slavishly believe in all of them.
But one must credit him with either deep thoughts, vivid imagination or - if so desired - ESP!

Of course, with some flexible imagination  many of his prophesies and predictions can be stretched to fit any situation usually spurred on by sensationalist media or hoaxers out for a quick buck from the credulous public!
Ernest Hemingway also died on this day - by his own hand.
It is amazing to me, how many of his novels, stories and reports are still read widely.
Is it that he so "embraced" life (hard drinking, adventurous living plus a sense of sarcasm)
that makes readers feel they, too, can experience such adventures  - albeit at arm-chair's length? :-)
Perhaps knowing that he based much on personal experiences gives his work added value?

Whatever it is people continue to enjoy reading Ernest Hemingway! And re reading as well! Go ahead do it!

Wanna know who else was born
or died on this 2. DAY of July in history go here.

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