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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is there life after hockey?

Judging from the enthusiastic, nay frantic exchanges of opinions, feelings, expressions by died-in-the-wool hockey fans.. all kinds of hockey fans - not!
A Hackett Save -Aeros vs Peoria 2011 Play Offs
No, no baseball, soccer, football , rugby, cricket, basketball, golf, tennis, field  hockey, LaCrosse, Polo... you name it - can compare with the pace and excitement of hockey-live hockey.
Nothing! IMHO when it comes to sport watching!

Well, perhaps La corrida, except that is not a sport and in Spanish papers not found under deportes!
But then that has become so taboo! Some of the chers readers sure have let me have it!
Some comments so outrageously profane, others so threatening I really could not post them.
Somehow that always surprises me, when reading and seeing the outrageous things people do to people! Just go and read the newest news reports, watch the newest YouTube clips, and even public TV shows.
But I digress.
Mea culpa, just one of the things that bug me!

Back to Life after Hockey!

I would like to ask my chers readers to tell what they do without watching live hockey during the next few months!
Can other sports REALLY take the place of Hockey?

Do you, chers readers, find it only too easy to switch your allegiance to another kind of sport?
Just some photos from the final game of Spring 2011-I know YOU might be tired of them, but me - not!
I will enjoy looking at them for months to come,
Aeros, Stars and Rampage - LOL
Rampage vs Griffins in San Antonio 2010/11

Aeros vs Stars in Houston 2010/11

Remember these two? Locke and Beaudoin wayy back when in Houston celebrating a win in those finals
Credit to Fred Trask for this Photo

 at least until a new crop (with some old friends thrown in I hope) will take their places during the next season 2011/2012!

Final Game photos June 2011

Where players may end up :-)! 2011 June

And a second or 2 later-getting disentangled ;-)

Discussion by Earl-before he was sent to the bin ;-)

What do you do?
What do you watch?
Spectacular Save by MVP Lehner
O Sullivan stretching before getting back into action

Scandella checking with all he's got - heart, body and stick!
What do you root for?
Feel free to bare your souls.....just souls, please.

I am quite happy with going to operas, concerts, museums.
Watch DVDs, listen to CDs and catch up with my reading!
Because - I admit it - 
'frankly my dears, other sports just don't send me!' At all!
Ortmeyer (really want HIM back next season!) and Gillies in pursuit
All photos by artandhockey unless otherwise credited.
                           Ah, hockey!

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Anonymous said...

You want Ortmeyer, per Russos Rants so may the Wild http://www.startribune.com/sports/blogs/123453939.html