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Friday, June 17, 2011

News Conference with Yeo and Fletcher in Minnesota

If you have not seen and heard this here is your chance to do so now!

http://video.wild.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=616&id=118370 link outdated

Yeo speaks as well as he did here. He has his system developed and will work with all players to make it come true.  He will also soon name his 2. assistant coach.

Fletcher keeps Wilson and Mason, the goalie coach. Now that decision hints to me of Matt Hackett having even more security within the Wild organization. It also leaves me to question the Wild future of Endras! But that is strictly my feeling and thought for what it's worth :-)!

Both he and Fletcher speak of 'bringing YOUTH to the team'!
And building a team with speed, aggression, and size (will Spurgeon still fit into that scheme?).

Youth that is being developed for it through the Aeros, found and identified by scouts, rather than more signing of free agents, or so I interpreted their speeches.
And that, to me, speaks of needing at least one or perhaps more years to form and build a cohesive team to compete successfully at the Stanley Cup level.
Practice does make perfect. No one is born a full fledged Master.
And young players must work at it.
In Yeo's own words 'I knew what I wanted at 17 and worked my rear off to get there'!

He will have to communicate this urge to succeed at all costs to those young, and older players as well who may be just a year or so younger than their coach!

Photo by artandhockey
If he can do that, the Wild will have a successful team in the years to come!

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