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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sound and Image, Winning Nr. 22 Jersey

The sound of silence......
for me it goes schwaaa, swiiiish and  phee.
And then there's slurp, swoosh
and especially that pitter patter - yes, that kind of cardiac workout  ;-). 
Can one sing it? Play it?

How would you do it? 
Like this.................................

Or like that?

Or this?

maybe this is more to your liking:

    The Look of Silence.......

On the way to Chimayo
Photo by artandhockey
how do you depict it?
                                                                                      The Form of Silence ...
                                                                how do you record it?

  The Birth of Silence....
                                                                       Is this how?

"Silence is golden"
The origin of this often used proverb is lost in time. Some versions may even go back to Ancient Egypt.
The first time it was used in English was by poet Thomas Carlyle, translating it from the German in Sartor Resartus, 1831.

A fuller version is 
'Speech is silver; Silence is golden',
now seldom used.

 "Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity".
A Place for the Eternity of Silence - cemetary at Chimayo, NM
Photo by artandhockey

And the image upon hearing the bid on the green Play Off 2011 game worn - ORTMEYER # 22  jersey was won

(alas, not autographed - maybe when he comes back-I really do wish!
was like this
Yahoo, Yippee, Whooee!


ICEVET said...

Congratulations on your Jed Ortmeyer Game Jersey!

Ortmeyer, previous winner of the NHL Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award, epitomized the spirit and character of the Aeros 2010-11 Team. Most players would probably admit that he was the "leader" of the Team, although others wore the "C".

Ortmeyer's NHL record (over 300 games) is remarkable, when viewed against the backdrop of career-threatening injuries, with the New York Rangers, Nashville Predators, and the San Jose Sharks.

Most Aeros fans did not know, until late season, that he had been previously diagnosed (2006) with a pulmonary embolism and suffered from infequent blood clots in his legs, mandating the need to inject himself with a "blood thinner" before each Game. Ortmeyer, literally, risked his life to play each Aero Game (and he NEVER missed a game).

Aeros fans will always remember Ortmeyer for his character, courage and determination and how he made every other member of the Team, BETTER by his example on and off-ice.

Go Aeros!!!

artandhockey said...

Just hope he will be re-signed..to continue the infusion of O into the new Aeros team!