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Monday, June 6, 2011

All's fair in love and...

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sports it seems!
To judge from various comments read on various blogposts about various teams' successes or failures. Methinks, "The Sour Grapes Syndrome" is alive and well.

I can understand the desire to root for 'my' team through thick and thin.
Of course, I do!
I can understand the need to blame anybody else when 'my' team does not win.
Of course, I do!

I try to be fair and give credit where it is due! Like it or not!
I have to admit an existing superiority. Even if 'my' guy comes off less well!

I do not understand this need to be so unsportsman like about it all.
I do not understand this need to chant profane and denigrating words.

Things may be said in the heat of passion!
And will be regretted later when the passion has cooled.
Or so it should be!
And having aired what kinda bugs me I want to say only: these will be exciting games for all concerned.
Truly hard work for both teams.
Especially hard on the goalies.
And especially hard on those players thrown into the melee due to unfortunate injuries suffered.
Can the Aeros do it, despite all the adversities?

I am looking forward to Game 6 and an Aeros Win!
And Game 7 and an Aeros win.

Because that is what the Aeros MUST DO to 'Bring Home' the Calder Cup!

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