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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Calder Cup leaves Houston for Binghamton-sad but the better team won!

Lights - Action, Aeros skate in!
Yes, despite the over 10,120 excited
Just a few fans -;-)!
and loud fans.
B Sens simply had
a) the better goalie and
b) the faster and better team.
IMO the officiating at this game was one of the better and more balanced that I have seen in some time.

After a no goal in the 1. in which the Aeros seemed a bit slow (fewer SOGS),
the 2. period turned out well and I truly thought they would make it!
By the skin of their noses, but make it.
DiSalvatore jumps for joy after his goal!

Daoust gets another goal-fans jumping to their feet
Both goals were PP Goal, Di Salvatore and Daoust, the primary scorers.
I do feel that those 2 soft goals Hacket let go in, turned the tide in BSens favor even more!
While their good skating, passing and speed had been present all along.

Goal by Wick, 2. helper Nr, 84 Corey Lockey!
For BSens  Wick, Butler and Keller did the honors as scoreres. Butler and Keller also on a PP.
The MVP Award went, MOST deservedly, to Robyn Lehner.

Thank YOU all for an exciting season.
Thank you for not just giving up after a dismal start, but keeping at it and reaching this far!
We do hope to see several of you back next year, wiser, more experienced and ready to skate all out for more wins!

Starting Line

Wellman and Ortmeyer still with raised sticks
We thank you, too, for acknowledging your fans' support when you all raised your sticks at the end!

It is so nice to have seen that. 

Peters  Faces Off with Locke :-D?

Visible Fan Support

         GO AEROS!

Congratulations to Binghamton Senators on a hard earned TROPHY to take home.
We wish you all success for whatever and wherever life will send you.

And a Speedy Recovery to your Assistant Coach STEVE STIRLING!

MVP Award, Calder Cup and AHL Chair

Congratulating the winners!



Calder Cup tp BSens Captain Keller

Raising the Cup HIGH.


BobbyR said...

I felt after the loss in game 5, that our boys were going to loss. I was hoping and praying that I was wrong, but it did seem during games 4,5 and 6 that the Senators were the better team.

Still feel like my dog died on me.

Now time for the symphony and the art museums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting photos of this last game. Will treasure the Daoust goal. He showed up and scored, was it 3 times?, after sitting on the bench. Yes, thanks to all players for their efforts.
Also wishing Mr. Stirling a full recovery!

artandhockey said...

yes, art museum for sure.
Venetian artists on display! Lush colors and 'dramatic' subjects - even though NOT hockey, still pleasurable pursuits during hot days of summer -INDOORS ;-)!
Glad you feel a get well wish for Steve Stirling was appropriate.
@ All THANK YOU for reading my simple blog.
And do keep visiting.I will post all throughout the 'hockeyless' hot summer, just on other things, LOL!
Which you might like to read about, or at the least try to do so.
And perhaps even get to like, as well! :-)
Of course, hockey is special, but.....