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Thursday, June 16, 2011

R.I.V. 2011 and 1994

It must be something in the air/water in Vancouver
because it is NOT the first time riots follow a lost game.
(all videos and photos from various sources)
In 1994, after the Rangers won over the Canucks, a riot broke out:
AND 2011 A REPEAT after Boston Bruins win the Cup
ON the road, in Game 7 with a Shut out 4-0 win, yet!
But go back a little further and you find another riot in 1907 (Anti-Asian), and one at the G8/G2 summit and the pre-Olympic one in 2010. 

A few other quick mentions:   Rookie Marchand gets 2 goals in game 7.
A slightly injured (split lip?) Bergeron also gets 2 goals in game 7.
Dennis Seidenberg, is only the second German player after Uwe Krupp (no idea if related to those industry Krupps?) to get a Stanley Cup win.

And the hero of these games: USA born TIM THOMAS,
at 38 the oldest goalie, stops 238 shots  for a .967 % average, and carries off the Conn Smythe Trophy!

Guess what, if you look closely in the video clip you can see a guy with cute dimples hugging or being hugged ecstatically... yep, former aeros Goalie Anton Khudobin, who served as second BUG and with Nr. 35 after Tuuka Rask during the play offs.

AK in Providence
What a hoot: the Wilde trade AK for the Penner, and - wishful thinking maybe - a future skater, the Finn Lehtonen. AND HERE IS AK as part of the STANLEY CUP Champions 2011! WOW!
No wonder he's all dimples LOL! 

And now hockey IS history for the next couple months.

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ICEVET said...

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for a memorable Stanley Cup Run!

The character of this TEAM was well-defined by the superlative performance of Tim Thomas, the well-deserved MVP. Those who follow the careers of NHL goalies, will long-remember how Thomas put up his unbelievable stats in the Final Series.

Finally, Anton Khudobin resurfaced on the National Stage as a member of the Stanley Cup winners. While Thomas's record performance kept Anton on the bench during the Series, he was there to remind Houston Aeros fans that he would NOT be denied his opportunity to be called a WINNER and a part of HOCKEY HISTORY.

All the best to Anton and his NEW teammates!!!