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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainy Day Musing

Isn't it about time someone writes a definite "Wasting Time 101"?
Salvatore Dali's 'The Eye of Time'
I could add a few ideas!
And so could everyone of my chers readers, I am sure.
Feel free to mention as many as you can - just to help some putative authors along ;-)!

Purists might call  'Blogging' a waste of time?
How dare they?  
It's the electronic diary of our time  - LOL!
Do a bit of research.
And use spell check :-)!
Write about things perhaps not generally known - really you did not know That?
Add a dash of fantasy to spice it up. 
Mix in a photo of a lovely  or a lovely photo.

Have fun with a video clip...

and blog away!

Afterall it's no PhD thesis, right!
                                 No degree hangs on its success. No tenure to be considered.
                               One won't get fired for one's blog, or hired for that matter - usually!
                                                                 Exceptions may apply!
                                        Plus it keeps one's little grey cells occupied !

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