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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks to Teen experts

I am always learning something new. 
So now I have done it once, linked something via a "word" in a blog!
Just hope it'll stick when I want to do it again.

Just to be safe I have jotted down the sequence to be typed....memory isn't what it once was! :-)- especially when it comes to the NEW computer language and its abbreviations..
html, http, href mime.. plus all those symbols and numbers, LOL.

But muddling through - bewildered by all that techie stuff - is what I do rather expertly - or so I think.
Just when I sit back filled with pride about that new achievement  - POW another puzzle!
And I scurry once again yelping for help to teenage friends.
Yep, those who are so well versed in the technology which changes almost - or so it seems to me - daily!

And may I say that not a one refuses to educate this old foggy on how to do it.
Well, they might bite their tongues not to laugh uproariously, about my insistence for
"Gotta have it written down" !   And  "Just forget about those flying fingers on the board"!
"Just show me SLOWLY - very slowly" !

So, in gratitude to those teenage experts in all things technology a big "THANKS, GUYS"!

I'll return the favor by handing out grandmotherly advice to the love lorn and unsure if asked ;-)!

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