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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Guardian Angel -Help! 
Tension mounts as game 6 approaches.
It IS the deciding game.

St George, the Dragon Slayer - Help!
Painting by Raphael
It deserves the largest crowd, the noisiest fans - LOL!

Arm yourself with noisemakers of all kinds!

Calling on St. George,
All Saints,
Guardian Angels to help!
An army of saints to Help!

Aeros win and game 7 is assured to happen.
The team MUST go all out to force a game 7 to win
IF they want the Cup to stay right here in the HOT SOUTH!

Reading between the lines of reports the team does know that,
but can it produce?

Binghampton wins this game 6 and the Cup goes up there.

And Aeros go to play golf :-)!

Nike, Goddess of Victory

Some time ago I, hopefully and wishfully, said Aeros in 7.
Now the time has really come.
All we can do is keep fingers crossed! 
Get carpal tunnel syndrome by shaking several cowbells.
Waving towels. Clap hands. Yell ourselves hoarse-cleanly!
Jump up and down in anticipation like Jack or Jill in the box ;-0!
Pray, Hockey Gods to look benevolently upon The Scrapper and his mates!
And let the team be inspired by the Bruins 8-1 win over Vancouver.
Just don't pull an 'Aaron ROME' - nothing is worth a dirty hit like that!

         A little encouragement from QUEEN perhaps :-D!
G O   A E R O S!

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