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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yeo to Go Wild

Yes, Russo's and other bloggers have confirmed
Rumours had been flying about the nomination of Mike Yeo as Wild head coach.
At a news conference tomorrow morning at 11 AM The Wild are planning to make 100% official.
Bravo for Mike Yeo!
Photo by artandhockey at rampage game 2011
He was NOT waiting here, yet, on the call up North :-)!

*Youth* will prevail in the frozen (at least during those looong wintermonths) North!
And whom among the Aeros - that are not traded or emigrated to Europe (lol, lol)- will he take with him?
What about Sydor?
Now, too, begins the guessing game re Aeros Head coach?

To Ruskowski or not to Ruskowski that is the question-to paraphrase old Will.

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