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Thursday, December 15, 2011

You know something...and more

its is dashed hard to keep up with the revolving doors between Aeros and Wild.
Now Prosser is shipped back to Houston.
Now Peters called back up to Minnesota. Wellman(injured in Minnesota-will that mean another call up from the Aeros ranks?) still up there, as is Hackett (Hackett reassigned to Aeros), Scandella and others. Martin and Nolan released.
Down here we have have on the injured list Ortmeyer, McIntyre, Palmer..
and who will be next?
That's all folks!
Teddy bear toss ahead with the First Aeros Goal.
When that will be only the Hockey Gods know.
I don't, the fans don't  and seems to me the coaches don't.
I won't be there so will just have read about it!
Last evening we were off to MFAH to learn more about Van Gogh which was more about how two guys researched their new biography of VvG over 10 years than the actual art and life of Vincent Van Gogh - although - that he had a sort of epilepsy instead of plain crazy - was a revelation. And, yes he was a lonely man, but the huge output of works in just 10 years still stuns the world, I believe. And that he -desperate for company, painted-imitated Seurat, Cezanne, Gauguin and others, yes, that too was interesting. But it did not work, the others went off and left him lonely again! And that plus the news of his brother's marriage probably caused the episode in which he did cut off his ear. And that he may not have committed suicide... ah well, one just has to go and read the book!

Merry Christmas to all and an Ella Fitzgerald Version of Sleigh Ride:

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