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Friday, December 9, 2011

Chaos paid off; Kuemper shuts out Rampage

A rare event, a win on home ice, and not just a win - a shut out win ! Granted by only one goal, but a win is a win. And that sole winning goal a PP goal by Fountaine (Star 2) with Penner (Star 3) and
here's the STAR Nr. 1
Goalie cutie Darcy Kuemper who seemed a bit shy, skated out and back..
but finally was told: Hey you gotta go out there and talk!
Which he did and quite nicely, thank you, to the accompaniment of 6600 or so screaming fans. And the Lady Dynamics seem to enjoy this Cutie, too, to judge by their huge smiles (lol

Now to the title, the whole first two periods the two teams just went at it like Energizer Bunnies, quite a chaotic, storming from side to side. San Antonio seemed to keep the impetus going by the number of SOGS 12, 11, 10.. all 33 stopped one way or another by Darcy Kuemper (almost typed.. Cutie lol).
These are just a few shots of Kuemper saves.
And newcomer Mike Montgomery (formerly of the Ontario reign -ECHL)Nr. 24 was much in evidence as an effective defense man 
and here is the reason, Fountaine sat for hooking, one of the 5 penalties called by 'let'em play tonight' Ian Croft-But he redeemed himself in the 2. by getting that PP goal with Penner.

Now I don't know about you, but this action (photo above) in front of Markstrom looks like Kendo to me...
And so the game was won -Victory on home ice!

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BobbyR said...

Nice Game.

That was funny when Darcy skated back off the ice instead of staying out to be interviewed. We were saying "Eh, yes he looks so young, eh that he does not know the # 1 Star is suppose to do an interview, Eh."