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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Exhilaration, Exaltation, Exuberance..

for more on last night's game by the Aeros vs Texas Stars I refer chers readers to The Third Intermission, Aeros official blogs, AHL score sheet, and Main stream media reports, as well as Aeros post game analysis.
Suffice it to say that the Teddy Bear Toss on Chay Genoway's first goal produced heaps of Teddys-On-Ice.

Better Half and I were just discussing - maybe we should stay away from the games - seems The Aeros do win then! LOL.
Just kidding.. but really, they did loose the last we went there.
And the time before, and the time before, even if they carried away a point for the loss in SO!
Anyway, we had to attend 'command event'.
And so no snapshot photos for my readers to enjoy.

On the other hand, I did read - and how avidly you really can't imagine - a short novella by Author Erika Rummel (she of the recent novel Playing Naomi (Prose Series)"Playing Naomi"- discussed in this blog some time ago).
Here the author reading from it:

So that little story "The Effects of Isolation on the Brain" reminded me in more than one way (in a sort of tongue -in-cheek manner - not to take anything away from the Author's talent in writing persuasively) a bit of the Aeros.
You say what!
I'll explain:
in the novella the author teases us with announcements of a crime committed.
But then reels away into childhood memories (is it an excuse for her protagonist's crime. Blame it on Mama or Grandma!).
What crime? Who? Why? How?

We are left with "unfinished business".
We do not learn what, why and who was the victim, neither do we learn if the protagonist makes her escape with the help of a questionable ally, or is left to starve, die of cold or what ever fate has in store for her in the frozen 'North'.

Unfinished! A nail biter to say the least.
And an open invitation to the readers to imagine their own endings.

And that's what reminds me of the AEROS...:-).
this nail biter,
this unfinished business,
this incredulous why and who and how.
And fans' imagining, and hoping for, a perfect ending!
So there you have it. :-)!

Rummel is well on the way to finish her second oeuvre - according to the preliminary information it will be series of novellas set in post-war Europe and the other World, (such as in Canada and California).
Or a novel set in Spain!
Or maybe both!
In typical fashion we are left asking!

Merry Christmas to you!
Again.. but then I do love Christmas.

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