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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Loss at Home but gaining a point nevertheless

No goal for Brule in SO
In front of over 8,000  screaming and bouncing kids, plus several mascots to keep Chilly company and pretty Lady Dynamics, the Aeros managed to present a kinda exciting game vs the Barons who went on board with the first goal in the 2. by Plante, Brule and Yeo (not to be confused with Yoesie Yeosie of the Wild ;-).
And with 2 minutes to spare Palmer with Bagnall made it 1:1 in the 3.and so it stayed through OT into another Shoot out.
Busy Kuemper

Cornet in SO

Medved on defense

Oops, ahs my garter come loose? Or what IS Danis looking at?

Barons Goal in SO

Fredheim arm in arm with Green..best friends forever?

Arcobello tries to sneak one below Kuemper's pad... but NO goal.

DiSalvatore in his SO attempt..

What is this doing just outside-I know I stopped it!

What a catch by Danis-2nd star of the Day
Green's Desive Goal in the SO
Kuemper  = Lankiness Personified-3rd Star of the Day
While Kuemper's displayed some frisky lankiness (his torso seems to much longer than his legs, which aren't exactly short either) he managed 35 of 36 sogs by the Barons, Baron Goalie Danis stopped 23 of 24 which the Aeros in diminishing fashion shot at him (10-8-5) and in the SO Kuemper let in 2 goals, the final decisive one by Josh Green 1. Star of the Day.. see photos by artandhockey. All taken in the 3., OT and SO periods.

Once, I and I'm sure many fans held our breath! Kuemper was wayyyy out behind his net, run into by players, and ONLY, IMO, thanks to some fast action by the AEROS defenders the Barons could not capitalize and slam home an empte netter while the goalie was out on a stroll....here he is rushing back in the pic below... now that WAS a stupid move by the otherwise 'well playing  D. Kuemper!

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ICEVET said...

Darcy Kuemper played a strong game, stopping all 5-5 scoring attempts and yielding only the PP goal when the Aeros defense had a momentary lapse in the 2nd.

Give credit to the Aeros for battling back in the 3rd and salvaging a point against a VERY improved BARRONS Team.

During the 2010-11 season, the Aeros had the Barrons number, winning 90% of their OKC games. This season, with 2 quality goalies, the Barrons should be the Aeros biggest obstacle to another Western Conference Championship.

Go Aeros!!!