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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spreading Christmas cheer..

well sorta.
Have wrapped,bagged and handed over all gifts.
Have whistled and hummed the appropriate carols.
Hidden meanings or not!
Have sent cards and emails and facebook wishes.
And, and..
Now it is time to sit back and enjoy what I love.....CHRISTMAS.
Lights, music, cookies fresh from the oven.
Hot chestnuts (as long as I find 6 out 10 that are good I am content... not excatly happy, but..)

And a win by the Aeros at home would be welcomed as a gift to fans...for a change.
And as a novelty a short-legged, black-haired Miss Aeros being crowned.
Now if there would be a crown for a King of AEROS ... with contestants like these the choice would be hard, eh?...
We have already -
The Voice of the Aeros,
an annual Miss Aeros competition,
Fan of the game,
Best seats in the House, etc. -
so why not crown a King of the Aeros?

Reader Survey.
Please Respond. :-)
King of The Aeros: 
Vote YES  - NO

Just kidding, that dream will not be fulfilled, methinks.
It's men who run the show, right?

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