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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toronto Strikes again

Marlies Goalie Owuya keeps Aeros OUT.  Marlies 4 Aeros 0.
Kuemper records his first SO loss.
Retired goalie Cowley Wayne sat BUG for the Aeros.
While Hackett was flown to the Wild to sit backup due a Backstrom injury.
Ah, well, too many family and friends up there, maybe, and that has been known to be a distraction before.
And the Aeros cannot claim "travel tiredness" since Marlies traveled as well after last nights game! Boths teams had to play on 'short' rest!
A home crowd of about 3.000 is all that showed up - in Canada..
Aeros often claim larger attendances - in subtropic Texas!
The 'winning on the road' streak was broken. AlaS.
One more road game vs Rampage on 12/6 in San Antonio, then they will face OKC at the TC at the "kiddie" game on Thursday AM!

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