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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rampage vs Rivermen 12.10'11at SA

So, Better Half and I headed west to see two games at the ATT ctr. Rivermen last night, Checkers this afternoon and then it's back home.
The First period  was booooring.
Both teams skated like through molasses with languid shots of goal which both goalies (Dov Grumet Morris for Rampage and Jake Allen for Rivermen) easily stopped, caught and handled by covering the puck as often as possible.
(I kept looking for the vaunted Cheechoo skating as 14 for the Rivermen, but he was mostlyt on the bench-more later). In the Second, the speed and action rev'ed up and both teams scored, solo Nigro  for the Men in Blue, and  Marshall with Selleck for the home team. Which was wearing special sweaters with FIRE enmblem in honor of Firefighters and Police.
Well, someone must have told them to add some fire to their skating, which became much more obvious in the Third, when the Rampage made it 2-1 with a PP goal by Kearns, Repik Robak and Rallo. And the action really speeded up on both goalies. Grumet Morris appeared to be less flexible, a kinda 'stand-up' goalie -he did manage to stop 21 of 22.. Allen on the other hand had much more to do keeping 37 of 39 sogs. ALAS, my battery died just as heat turned up.. so no pics. And none also of famed Cheechoo who finally (or so it seemed to me) was out on the ice during the last few seconds when allen was pulled in favor of a 6th attacker (Cheechoo?) but seemed to enjoy hovering around just not skating into any of the buzzing fray on Grumet Morris. Conclusion: the 6926 fans filled the arena with screams, drums and  more encouraging noises.If Grumet Morris had skated in Houston, Aeros would have had a lot more goals!
Photos will follow after our return and uoploading.
And of course, the Rampage/Checkers game this afternoon.
Until then, chers readers.

And it wouldn't be hockey without a fight or two if the officials didn't keep breaking them up. Selleck versus Ponnich was kand inconclusive.

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