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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another on the road win, another hockey blog..

so the Aeros won on the road again. 
And not only the Aeros, other teams are having the same problem.
If one could call it a problem.
Winning on the road,  loosing at home in front of disappointed fans.. theirs!

And for sure, the coaches still question the whys!
I do have a couple ideas, why!
And just to start:
  • a lot of the guys are married or in a close relationship...distraction Nr. 1
  • several have babies which do need attention...distraction Nr. 2
  • some have bought houses which need care...distraction Nr. 3
  • some wives may not be a quite as supportive of rough playing...distraction Nr. 4
On the other hand while on the road, the guys may have little else to think about except getting used to just another rink, studying the other teams' systems and JUST get out there and play!
And damn the torpedoes!
Not saying that those are the reasons for road wins... but they did cross my mind.
And having said that
GO AEROS and whatever team YOU, chers readers, support!

And there is another hockey blog on chron.com.
Good, Never hurts to have better coverage in the main stream media!

Apropos, Aeros signed to a PTO Harrison ReedHarrison Reed, prescient -
since Ortmeyer appears to have sustained an injury last night?
Not to be confused with Elgin Reid!
And no I don't think he is related to Harrison Reed, 9th Governor of Florida 1813-1899!

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