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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NHL hockey - action or holding pattern?

This morning an article in the WSJ caught my eye. Since we had (had is the operative word here) plans to see a couple Tampa Bay Games recently which came to naught.. I avidly read this.
I can imagine only too vividly 20,000 fans yelling  "Flyers s.....".

That crowd is a very vocal one which we experienced at previous games.
I just can see in mind's eye the tiny (from where we sat the last times-wayyy up in the nosebleed-section-at prices we could justify paying - lol) 'Philadelphia player ants' leisurely skating in circles and passing the puck among themselves....to the raucous crowd's discontent.

And after I read this article, twice just in case I misread something the first time, I recalled the 1. and part of the 2. period at a recent Rampage game (see post earlier) where the players seemed to move in languid fashion-however the teams managed to get a few more SOGs than the ones written about in the WSJ Article
of this morning :-)!

I wonder if those newly hatched rules, the public distaste for certain 'earthy' events during a hockey game, the holier-than-thou attitude assumed by many fans, commentators and even players, will ultimately be responsible to make NHL hockey just another booooring sport played by well paid athletes who, naturally, want to conserve themselves so that they can earn $$$ for a long time, and owners who want to rack in the $$$ gullible fans seem only to happy to pay for NHL level action (??) - a misnomer after reading that.

And now comes the beef I have sometimes with the mainstream media.
It's the same beef I have when the media writes of world events which are way outside the norm (as perceived by the - for want of better words - superior ethos of US) to show 'the decadence', the 'horrible behaviour', those 'awful cultural rites' etc. which so seem to offend the American Puritan Public!

So now NHL hockey at it's worst caught their eye and was written about... but do they write when everything goes as it supposed to go? Of course not, hockey remains the stepchild.. while they can write, seemingly forever and in greater depth than I for one care to read, about baseball, football and even soccer.
And let's not forget the scandals .. ah, those scandals, where would the media be without those scandals??

Hockey really is not that difficult a game to fathom- but for whatever reason main stream media just does not want to go there, methinks! Maybe because it is so fast-that most cannot follow, loose track of the puck and so on!

Anything that slows down the action,
may just be what the doctor ordered for media reporters who - just maybe -
are skating on the proverbial thin ice :-) :-)!

And I say, Bah Humbug.

And with that - in the spirit of the season.
Nothing will dampen my love for Christmas ;-)!
Come let us adore hockey!

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