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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

And Once Again Aeros Loose At Home.

Saved, but how I did it?
It is getting a bit old, this loosing at home in front of a surprisingly largish crowd of 5741! Must have been the Bikinis that brought them out, eh? ;-)
This time, t'was the Texas Stars who had the upper hand. After three periods of chasing the puck around the ice, the Texas Stars and their elite few fans (who made the trek) left as winners Stars 3 Aeros 2. Which just shows that the Aeros did not go quietly into the loss. Hackett in goal had several excellent saves (one I think he might not have known how he did it, but save he did).
And then there was this - goal scored on the rebound by Texas Stars after he, Hackett, stopped the first shot on goal.
Don't wanna get up-they scored afterall
Tonight's game started with great promise...an early goal in the 1. by Rau (wow) -Penner.
BTW he was very busy as face - offer!
Since Peters who usually did the honors, was up North.
As Was Taffe, called up within an hour or so to puck drop.
Almond came up with a big surprise-he got a shorthanded goal in the 2. and that was all the goals the Aeros managed to score.
Despite some hectic activities at Beskorowany's end of the ice (as in clip above)in the last seconds and after Hackett was pulled for another skaterthe numbers are:
Desperate attempts to even the score..it was not to be....sigh!

Stars: 11-12-1=25 SoG to get 0-3-0 goals.
Aeros: 9-11-9=29 and 1-1-0 goals there.

Now if you've read my previous post.. I did wish for a short-legged black haired Bikini Beauty to become 2011/12 Miss Aeros, and it was granted.
As a matter of fact all contestants were dark haired-not a blond in sight except for Miss Aeros 2010/11 who-clever gal-wore leggings and boots to keep out the cold. That privilege was not granted to the bevy of black haired bikini gals.. they just had to shiver and smile!
To my delight this saxophone player did the Anthem in grand style and played some sweet stuff during intermission. Someone must have said let him play (not sing) the anthem, and the Stars fans will not bellow at every *STARS* in it, as they are known to do, alas.  Ha, t'was a brilliant idea!
Apropos Stars:
Nr. 1 went to Ryan Garlett for 2 goals (Stars),
Nr. 3 (Stars) Labrie for the game winner.
G'Night y'all!

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ICEVET said...

Great Pictures, as usual.

IMO, the highlights were Cody Almond's short-handed goal and the Saxophone Man....was he good...and gave no opportunity for Stars fans to interrupt the National Anthem (as they always do).

Happy Holidays to All!

Go Aeros!!!