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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just a thought on Wild & Aeros team rosters...

 The Wild's line up tonight had  6, or if you wanna count Clutterbuckand Spurgeon,  8 AEROS/ex-Aeros on the bench to 11 WILD
(27 players on the current roster).
Plus the injured Wellman, Stoner, and Palmer!
And Scandella, a scratch! And Harding the BUG.. makes it 13.
Half the Wild team are Aeros or Ex Aeros..which is, of course, wonderful for the guys from Houston.

Not so wonderful for the guys left IN Houston, 20 in number,
unless there's another call up. And especially for the fans.
But at the least fans might be able to see new talent on ice up from the CHL, ECHL or where ever they can find them!
But however exciting that may be, it must be darn hard on the coaching staff to keep 'introducing newbees to 'THE SYSTEM' in short time!
As of now, no new faces have been added..but there still are a few hours to go till the next game tomorrow at home.

On the other hand, in a television sports reportage earlier tonight (headed by Slovak.. yes, THAT guy who was soooooo excited last season to finally be at a hockey game) not a single word about Aeros Hockey.
Baseball, Football, Basketball and Soccer! And that was it!


(It might be too much to hope that AEROS reps will be on hand at the New Year's Celebration at the rink at Discovery Green? ;-D)


ICEVET said...

The Aeros will, forever, remain outside of the world of the Houston Sports Media Class, given their fixation on the "big four". This has just been reinforced by the recent resurgence of the Dynamo, who now have their own 22,000 person stadium (compliments of Houston taxpayers, like the previous 3 special sports venues).

No doubt, the Channel 13 (ABC) EXTRA POINTS show, hosted by Bob Slovac on New Year's Eve, followed the "party line", with no comment about hockey or the Aeros.

Yes, too bad about Mr. Slovac, who attended nearly every Aeros Calder Cup game in the last 2 rounds of the last year's Championship Series (when, once again, the Aeros were the ONLY Houston sports team to advance to their respective post-season championship playoff series).

Go Aeros!!!

artandhockey said...

Sadly I must agree with ICEVET on this subject.