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Sunday, December 18, 2011

I have this idea...

let the shoot out be between the Goalies only!

Goalie One skates leisurely forward -
afterall he is encumbered with his gear that weighs over 65 pds -
and shoots.. he scores.
Goalie Two, ditto!

Now what?

Now both teams win and take home a point each, but it takes a lot less time for that.
And should Goalie Two not score... it is possible, n'est ce pas...
Team One takes home Two Points. as if won in regulation.

And that's it folks.
A simple quick and much less nail biting ending to those infernal shoot outs!
Basta! It's over and done and we can all go home!

Just kidding, of course.
I would NOTwant to deprive y'all of the nailbiter, edge of seat, on your feet, yelling and screaming yourselves hoarse, type of game ender.

                                                                Ho Ho Ho

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like hockey said...

You are too funny!